Thursday, December 30, 2010

What motivates anyone of the people in this world -

4-30-2009XABCDEFHGIJKLMNOP by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-30-2009XABCDEFHGIJKLMNOP by Walter Paul Bebirian

Although I may sometimes wonder what motivates individuals to pursue the careers that they have chosen for themselves and then found it also interesting to see how they develop from that starting point - it also interests me as to what motivates people to view any one of my images -

Although there are stats that are associated with this particular image that indicate how many people have seen it in the galleries where it is posted - there are perhaps many other people than are indicated that have seen this image on different blogs or even simply posted on facebook or sokule without clicking on it to then go to the gallery where it is located and so it is just about impossible to know how many people have actually seen this image -

This then tells me that there is really no way of knowing how many people may have been positively influenced by seeing this image and whether or not seeing it has any effect on anyone's life or not -

Here I would like to share with you some ideas on the

"The Art of Time and Money"

The possibilities here are endless or at least able to be continued by each individual during their entire lifetime and perhaps if a person's ideas live on in the products of their work - much further that their individual lifetime - sometimes effecting countless lives - or perhaps even entire societies - what think you?


  1. I totally love this image! Love the colors and the effect and its very impressive! I would hang this on my living room wall. This is the first time I've seen this image anywhere on the Internet. I love your writing "The Art of Time and Money". Very powerful and true!

  2. Well - in truth - there are so many images that I have in my galleries - and not one of them have that many people who have seen any one of them - I am constantly thinking of how I can get more people to see my images or even more people to see any one of the images -

    Let's look at things this way - there is currently indicating in my administration of my galleries - a report that indicates that there have been so far to date - 1,377,187 image views - spread out over a current total of 66,033 images - so it may sound like a lot of image views but that does not leave too many for any one image - and considering that there are over 300 million people in the United States and over 6.5 billion people in the world - there is definitely a great deal of magic for me to perform in order to get all of those people to even see one of my images let alone a subsantial number of any number of the images -